The Best Way to Get to the Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon transfer options in Iceland
Updated: 2nd June 2018

Blue Lagoon?…Blue… Lagoon. I want to go to the Blue Lagoon.

Bright blue color and healing properties of algae found in lagoon’s surroundings bring many curious people to visit this one of the most known attractions in Iceland.

Anyway, this post is not to praise how good Blue Lagoon is. I am here to share with you all transfer options that you could possibly take to reach Blue Lagoon. To make it more useful, I have listed travel duration times, prices, cons and pros.

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Jaw-dropping Must-Try Tours Around Iceland

jaw dropping tours in iceland

Yes it is a bit of a click-bait-headline, but don’t worry, I will try my best to provide you with superb tour options available in Iceland.

Friendly warning: On this post you will not find any typical tours like Golden Circle, South Coast, Blue Lagoon , and so on.

However if you’re looking for some fun adventures, keep on reading because you will definitely find something that will fit your needs. Continue reading

Frequently asked questions about Iceland – answered!

While working as a travel concierge, I’ve noticed that many of those so called dumb questions about Iceland are not that dumb at all. The reason why people ask them is because they can’t access this information as easily as locals.

In this post I have collected over twenty frequently asked questions about Iceland and answered them. I bet it will help you to save time and nerves when you’re already arrived in Iceland. Continue reading

Iceland Packing List for Any Time of the Year

Packing for the trip is frustrating, especially when you want to visit Iceland and don’t know what to be prepared for.

Well, the general rule is:

If the weather is bad, wait for five minutes!

Even though this phrase is mostly used in a humorous way, it is somewhat true. Weather in Iceland is very unpredictable which means that for the trip to Iceland you should be prepared for diverse weather. Continue reading

The Missing Guide for Laugavegur Trail

Colorful mountains at Landmannalaugar
Updated: 11.5.2018

If you’re heading to Iceland for some adventurous hiking experience it’s very likely that Laugavegur Trail is on your top list.

The trail was officially opened in 1979 when Icelandic Touring Association publicly advertised as a 55km, 4 days trekking route from Landmannalaugar to Þórsmörk.

At the early beginning it was just a local thing but with time it became popular within foreign tourists visiting Iceland.

There are few good reasons why people like Laugavegur trail. First, because it has a diverse landscape to offer, second – it is possible to do it without hiring a guide and the third is the possibility to finish the trail in a short time. Continue reading

Best Camping and Outdoor Equipment Stores in Reykjavik

Updated: 27.03.2018

Do you want to have a freedom and flexibility to choose where you will spend each night during your stay in Iceland or maybe you’re planning to hike in the highlands?

I know it is kind of heavy and complex to bring all the gear from abroad, especially if you travel on a small budget.

To make things easier, I have listed outdoor equipment gear rental places and stores where you could rent or buy essential equipment for your camping or hiking trip around Iceland. Continue reading

Your Favorite Icelandic Products Delivered to You

Iceland Airwaves, Sónar, Northern Lights, Golden Circle…there are so many reasons to visit Iceland, but once you see it, it just becomes good memories. However, there are things that you might have loved so much and you would like to get them you just don’t know how.You are in for surprise!

There is actually a place where you can get your Icelandic memories back into your hands in quite easy way. Keep on reading to find out how. Continue reading