Best Way to go from and to Keflavik International Airport

Have you purchased your ticket to Iceland and with a bit of research you have found out that Keflavik International Airport is 50km/ 31 miles away from the capital of Iceland – Reykjavik?

Don’t worry, there are several ways to reach Reykjavik!

Airport shuttle bus

Most popular way to reach Reykjavik is using airport shuttle. At the moment, there are two active carriers with almost identical services.

Have in mind that travel duration is time to go from the airport to the bus terminal in Reykjavik. From there you will have to use a drop-off service (provided by the same bus company) which could take up to 35min.

*Ticket office location is pointed out on the map bellow.

Gray Line (Airport Express)

Departure: Outside Arrivals hall,  leaves 45min. after each scheduled flight.

Arrival place: Gray Line Terminal is located at Holtagarðar 10 (4km from the city center), but usually people are transferred to smaller buses somewhere in Reykjavik area and from there taken to their hotels.

Travel duration: 45min.

Drop-off time: 20-25min.

Price: 2.700kr

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Departure: Outside Arrivals area, 35-40min. after each scheduled flight.

Arrival place: It is possible to get out at Aktu Taktu (in Garðabær city) and Hotel Viking in Hafnafjörður. The final stop is BSÍ Bus Terminal which is 10min. from a city center by feet. If you request a drop off to your hotel, you would have to transfer to a smaller bus.

Travel duration: 45min.

Drop-off time: 30-35min.

Price: 2.200 and 2.800kr (with a hotel drop-off).

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*Both carriers ticket offices are located side-by-side, at the Arrivals hall. 

Private/shared pick-up

If you’re looking for a more comfort ride, it is possible to book a private pick-up. Usually, a driver would wait for you at the arrivals hall with your name on a paper/sign.

Times Tours

Offers a shared mini bus options, drop-off is according to your  personal needs.

Duration: 40min.

Price: 3.230kr (if you book online)

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Snælands Travel

They offer three type of buses: 1-4, 5-8 and 9-14 persons. By paying extra fee you can get 2 hours stopover at Blue Lagoon for 8.500kr. Admission fee is not included in the price.

Duration: 45min.

Price: 14.000kr (per 4 passengers car)

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Using Taxi service

If you are not with a group of people, but want a completely private ride, there are six different taxi operators that can provide you safe and comfortable ride directly to your accommodation.

Before your flight, You can request the driver (via email or phone) to wait for you at the Arrivals hall with a name board. Otherwise, you would have to book your ride at the special area where all taxi operators are located.

Duration: 45min.

Price: 15.000-20.000kr (per car)

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Public bus – Line 55

It might not be as good as taking airport shuttle, but if you’re in a mood for a random ride in various places outside Reykjavik and in Reykjavik area, then you could use it as an option. It leaves from outside the Departures hall. Tickets are sold in the bus either by paying cash or card.

Though there is one downside. It only goes all the way to Reykjavik Bus Terminal (BSÍ) on weekdays.

Departure stop  is called FLE – koma (Airport). Check detailed schedule (check bus line 55).

Bus stops that are located near Reykjavik city center is: LSH/ Hringbraut, BSÍ Bus Terminal, Háskóli Íslands and Ráðhúsið.

p.s. There is a way to use public transport during weekends as well. When you arrive to Fjörður (with Line 55), catch a Line 1 and you would reach Reykjavik city center within 15-20min. Just remember to ask the driver for a ticket slip, so you won’t have to pay for a new ticket.

Duration: 1 hour

Price: 1.680kr (pay in the bus)

High Speed Train

It is still a dream to come true when foreign tourists and local people will be able to reach Reykjavik (or Airport) within 18min. by train. There are hopes that rail link project will start in 2018 and will be completed by 2024.

Hopefully, you found the best option to reach Reykjavik and will enjoy your stay there! 

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