Grocery Stores in Reykjavik

Updated: September 2016

Are you on a budget trip or just want to go to a grocery store to purchase local Icelandic products? No worries,  there are plenty of stores in Reykjavik.

Some of them, in a close range of downtown, to reach others you’ll need a car. In this article you will find a list and details about supermarkets that are located in Reykjavik and its capital area.

Low Price


Big grocery store with a good variety of fruits, vegetables, organic products. Their stores also include meat section where you can buy fresh meat and as well as fresh sushi.

Opening hours: 8-20 (a few are open until 21)


  • Rofabær 39
  • Bildshöfði 20
  • Fiskislóð 15-21 (close to downtown)
  • Nóatun 17

* For a full store listing check:


It is the oldest and most common low pricing store in across the country and it’s the only one that has their stores downtown. All of the stores are quite oriented to the people of location. For example, if you are vegetarian and you want to buy tofu you should rather visit Bónus in Laugavegur street 59, than the one in Hallveigastígur 1. If you are going to shop there, don’t hope to find some fancy food. However, you will definitely something more that regular Icelandic people love to eat.

Opening hours: Mon. – Thu. 11:00-18:30, Fri. 10-19:30, Sat. 10-18, Sun. 12-18


  • Faxafen 14
  • Hallveigarstígur 1 (downtown)
  • Kringlan 4 (Inside the Kringlan shopping center, on the first floor)
  • Laugavegur 59 (downtown)
  • Skipholt 11-13

Medium Price



Big super market owned by a family, situated in Hafnarfjörður city. Besides grocery products, it also sells home supplies and has its own organic store and knitting supplies shop.

Opening hours: Mon.-Wed. 9-18, Thu. 8-18:30, Fri. 9-19, Sat. 10-16

Location: Hólshraun 1, Hafnarfjörður



For American products, usually super-sized versions, go to Kostur. It’s especially good to go there if you are traveling with kids or planning a long trip around Iceland. On Thursday’sthey offer 50% discount for chosen fruits.

Opening hours: Everyday 10-20

Location: Dalvegur 10-14, Kópavogur



It goes beyond grocery products, because most of their stores also offer cheap clothing, toys and some home supplies. It’s a bit snobbish store that offers expensive French and Dutch cheeses. Also many other more expensive products that are not to be found at any other store. Every now and then they have even more products from one specific country at a time (usually U.S.A. and Denmark).

  • Skeifan 15
  • Eiðistorg 11
  • Kringlan  (shopping center, 1-2nd floor)
  • Holtagarðar (shopping mall)

*Full listing and opening hours:



There are two Nettó stores located in Reykjavik area. One is at the harbour, where Bónus and Krónan are located. It is not the cheapest store, but if you want to have good choice of products all day round, then this is a good place to stop at.


  • Þönglabakki 1
  • Fiskislóð 3
  • Salavegur 2
  • Hverafold 1-3, Kópavogur

*Full listing & opening hours:



It used to be one of the oldest supermarket chains in Iceland, but since 2015 all stores except one merged with Krónan. Products found there are similar to the ones in Krónan, but the prices are bit higher.

Opening hours: 8-24

Location: Háaleitisbraut 68



No, it is not misspelled. It is actually a supermarket chain from U.K. which has three stores in the capital area. It offers variety of British frozen fast food, cakes and ice-cream. Also, a good section of fruits and vegetables. The only cons is that not one of their store is located in the downtown area.

Opening hours: 24/7

  • Arnarbakki 2-4
  • Vesturberg 76
  • Engihjalli 8, Kópavogur



This family-style, tiny store located next to Hallgrímskirkja church. It offers only the most essential products and snacks. They also have DVD rental (yes, old school!) in there.

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri.: 8-23:30, Sat-Sun. 10-23:30

Location: Skólavörðustígur 42



Small “SUPER” market in Reykjavik-West (Vesturbær) which has basically everything you need. If you are in a hurry, don’t go there on a weekday between 16-18, because you might get stuck in the middle of narrow aisles.

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri.: 9-20, Sat.: 10-20, Sun.: 12-20

Location: Hagamelur 29



It offers good selection of fruits and vegetables. Also organic section and good variety of freshly baked bread.

Opening hours: 10-23, in Ingólfstræti 8-23.


  • Ingólfsstræti 5 (in the city center)
  • Skeifan 11D
  • Sólvallagata 79
  • Garðatorg 1, Garðabær




Probably the most expensive grocery store in town, but because of its good locations, it is hard not to go there and buy something. Most stores are open 24/7, recently even during the feast days when other stores are closed. They sell mainly fast/junk food, but possible to buy some items for cooking at a quite high price.

Opening hours: All downtown stores are open 24/7.


  • Laugavegur 116
  • Barónstígur 4
  • Seljavegur 2
  • Austurstræti 17

* Full listing & opening hours: (click on a street to view a map and opening hours)


Tourist oriented grocery store located in Ingólfstorg square with corner space of souvenirs for travellers to grab on the last day on town.

Opening hours: Mon.-Sun: 8-23

Location: Aðalstræti 6


Frú Lauga

Farmers’ market where you can purchase fresh meat, local cheese, seasonings, herbal teas and seasonal fresh herbs and many other things that are produced by local farmers!

Opening hours: Mon.-Fri: 11-18, Saturday: 11-16, Sun.: Closed

Location: Óðinsgata 8b


If you would like to get additional information about the stores, please let us know  in the comment section.

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