Reykjavik’s Cheap and Tasty Eats

Heading to Reykjavik (Iceland) soon?

You will probably have to eat something and if you don’t stay in a flat (Airbnb) or a hostel with a kitchen – restaurants will be the only option to fill your belly.

Many restaurants that you will come across will have sky-high prices, but if you want to spend less and eat well, I’ve got some good news.

To save your time I have listed some of the cheapest places to dine out where you will spend bellow 20$/ 18€ for a plate.

p.s. If you’re vegetarian, this list will be helpful as well.


Mouth-watering soups made in Thai, Mexican or Italian style. All the soups can be made with rice or home made egg noodles. For vegetarian option it is possible to skip chicken and get tofu instead.

Besides that, there is a variety of sauces and seasoning that you can add to your soup according to your preferences.

Price: 15$/ 13€ – Location: Skólavörðustíg 8


Icelandic version of Subway established in 1993 (year before Subway arrived to Iceland). It serves subs with lamb, chicken and fish. They do have one vegetarian option with fried veggies.

Because it’s open until late night, the place have been playing a big part of night life scene of Reykjavik – as a one of the few places where you can catch some food after the midnight.

Price: 12$/ 11€ – Location: Hafnarstræti 9


They serve soups, burgers, wraps and smoothies. It is hard to specify their cuisine, but I guess it is a mixture of Asian and Tex-Mex.

It is located in 10-11 grocery store which is open 24/7, but Ginger closes at 21 o’clock. However, you will be able to find their cold version products sold in the store at any time.

Price: 12$/ 11€ – Location: Austurstræti 17

Hamborgara Búllan

Hamburger joint that has been around since 2004.  It quickly became popular and now you will find two different places located in down town area.

You can choose from a regular cheese burger up to a steak burger. For those who do not eat meat, there is a tasty veggie burger.

For the best price, take the offer (they will tell you) that includes chips and a drink of your choice.

Price: 12$/ 11€ – Location:  Geirsgötu 1 (the founding place) and Bankastræti 5 (inside the B5 bistro) 

Any Kebab place

The good thing with kebabs is that it is easy to eat it on the go and it is extremely cheap. At the lower part of city center you will find several places that serve Middle Eastern food, including kebabs.

Some of them are:


Location: Hafnarstræti 18


Location: Austurstræti 3

Ali Baba

Location: Veltusund 3b

Even though all places offer similar food, each place has its own distinctive flavor of it. For vegetarian option you can get a Falafel, which is served exactly as kebab wrap/ pita, but include deep fried patty balls (usually made of chickpeas and broad beans).

Price: 12$/ 11€ – Location: (listed above)

Noodle Station

This place is owned by Thai guy and the only dish you will find there is obviously noodle soup. They always have the base of the soup ready, the only thing you would have to do is choose if you want to have it with chicken or beef.

Vegetarian option is quite boring, it only contains some spring onion, bean sprouts and rice noodles…but if you’re very hungry, you can ask to add more veggies or noodles to it.

Price: 12$/ 11€ –  Location: Laugavegur 86


University canteen that is open for public. Lunch time is between 11:30 – 13:45. It has weekly menu published on Háma’s page. There are two options of hot meals: soup of the day or the dish of the day.

Dish of the day is served by the staff, but soup is self-service. There is always vegeterian soup option and at least once a week they serve vegetarian dish.

Have in mind: If you come around 12, it might be a problem to find a place to sit down.

Price: Soup 3.5$/ 3€, Dish 7$/ 6€ –  Location: Sæmundargötu 4


Student bar/ restaurant located in the basement of Háma canteen. It serves various light dishes, burgers and lasagna. Prices there are higher than in Háma canteen, but the wider selection of dishes and cozy atmosphere is worth a try. Vegetarian options are available daily.

Price: 12$/11€ – Location: Sæmundargötu 4

Icelandic Fish & Chips

Even though fish and chips is not an Icelandic dish, the fish that they use is caught by Icelandic fishermen. If you are a fish lover, then this is the place for you.

The fish of the day is always changing, so don’t get sad if your favorite fish type is not on the menu.

This place doesn’t offer any vegetarian dish, but possible to have a decent plate by combining some sides and salads.

Price: 13$/ 11€ – Location: Tryggvagata 11

Hope it was useful and you will find your favorite cheap place to eat while you stay in Reykjavik. If any of those places become your favorite, come back to this post and leave a comment bellow 🙂

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