Useful Guide Books and Blogs About Iceland

Have you been feeling frustrated when looking for useful information about Iceland?  Then you’re at the right place for a better change. In this post, you will find most useful Iceland-related guide books and blogs and also news outlets which publish articles in English.

Be prepared, you will definitely find something useful here!


I Heart Reykjavik

Auður Ösp is probably a pioneer of modern travel blogging about Iceland. Even though her blog name sounds like it’s only about Reykjavik city, throughout the years she has covered various topics and locations all over the country.

When you finish reading alI of her useful articles, I recommend you to check walking tour selection where you’ll find small group tour options organized and run by Auður and her friends.


Iceland Monitor

If you’re interested to know what is happening in Iceland right now, but can’t read newspapers in Icelandic, then Iceland Monitor an be a good source for local news in English. They also have a section called Travel in Iceland, where you can find general info about Iceland.

unlocking-kiki-iceland-blog-logoUnlocking Kiki

Kaelene, the founder of Unlocking Kiki is American girl living in Iceland. She has published many interesting and useful articles which will not only be helpful if you’re planning a trip to Iceland, but also for those who are still daydreaming about doing so in the near future. After reading articles about Iceland, you can also dive into Travels section where you will find articles about the destinations in other countries.

How to Travel in Iceland: Like a Local

If you want to know about Iceland more than just knowing Björk or Sigur Rós, then this free guide book is something that you would enjoy reading before heading to Iceland and even while you’re already there. It covers topics from budget accommodation, music recommendations up to psychological insights about Icelandic people.


Iceland Magazine

Another news outlet that provides information about latest happenings in Iceland in English. If you love “top things to do” lists, check their local recommendations page.


The Reykjavik Grapevine

It is most popular printed and online magazine in English language that dares to challenge themselves to write not only about traveling in Iceland, but also various others topics that are not only interesting for tourists but also locals – both immigrants and natives. They also have a pretty good event listing (mostly in Reykjavik).

Ragnar’s vegan guide to Iceland

Being vegan/ vegetarian can be hard, but Ragnar Freyr makes things much easier. In his guide you will find the latest information about restaurants serving meat and dairy-free dishes, lists grocery stores selling vegan products and some useful phrases in case if the menu is only in Icelandic (very unlikely). It is also good to mention that this guide was awarded by Icelandic Vegan and Vegetarian Society as the “Best of 2015” source for vegans/ vegetarians in Iceland.


Inspired by Iceland – Iceland Academy

This is one is my favorite. Instead of writing long and boring articles about what to and not to do in Iceland, Inspired by Iceland has created educational, yet funny videos that will help you to understand important points about vulnerability of  Icelandic nature, social behavior and safety tips which you should take into account while traveling in the wilderness.

Did you check all blogs and guides? Please tell us which one was the most useful for you!

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