Your Favorite Icelandic Products Delivered to You

Iceland Airwaves, Sónar, Northern Lights, Golden Circle…there are so many reasons to visit Iceland, but once you see it, it just becomes good memories. However, there are things that you might have loved so much and you would like to get them you just don’t know how.You are in for surprise!

There is actually a place where you can get your Icelandic memories back into your hands in quite easy way. Keep on reading to find out how.

How did we came up with this idea?

In recent years more and more milk producers in Europe and U.S. have started making skyr (Icelandic yoghurt) which had become an icon just like Sigur Rós and Björk. The only edible product produced in Iceland and sold abroad is Noi Sirius chocolates which can be found in the Whole Food store in U.S.

Besides skyr and Nói Síríus chocolate, many other amazingly good Icelandic products are still hardly found outside Iceland. So we thought, why shouldn’t we just make it possible for people who love Iceland to receive Icelandic goodies straight to their home. Last year we started working with the idea and finally started our service in November 2015.

Do we only deliver food products?

Majority of the products in the box are edible items like candies, cookies and chocolate bars but some items are souvenirs, soaps, spices and other things that reflect Icelandic culture and nature.

Do you ship worldwide?

At the moment majority of our customers come from Europe and the United States, but if someone in Japan or Argentina wants to get our box, we would do our best to fulfil his/her request.

How do people purchase from you?

You can do it at our website At the moment we only offer subscription option. You can either pay monthly or three months in advance (to save money). However, you can cancel your subscription at any time you want to.






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